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Xpress Property Xchange (XPX.ca) is Canada's First Integrated Real Estate Network where Realtors, For Sale By Owners, Builders, Landlords can Sell or Rent out multiple properties on a do-it yourself interface.

Our goal here is to create a one-stop-shop for all housing needs; being the first website to allow both Realtor listings and For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings on one site as well as the rental market.




XPXRealty.ca is a spin off of XPX.ca When For Sale By Owners are not successful listing their home privately on XPX.ca they can list their home on MLS.ca using an XPXRealty.ca Real Estate Agent and save thousands by selecting one of our two Flat Fee MLS Packages.

Our target market is everyday home buyers and sellers who are looking to save money and even make money (with our Buyer Rebate Program). The creation of this website/company is to offset the high volume commission cutting agents who are turning our real estate market into a world of bartering; comprimising quality in service. XPXRealty.ca provides cost effective solutions without compromising service with a very specific yet simple business model.





XPXMortgages.ca is another spin off of XPX.ca As home buyers/owners are shopping for real estate on XPX.ca they can easily get approved for a mortgage over the phone or online by filling out our Mortgage Application.

XPXMortgages.ca is company that is run by Mortgage Brokers employed by The Mortgage Centre. Our target market is anyone looking for mortgage financing.



Real Estate Related



LuxuryHomesMississauga.ca is company focused primarily on buying and selling luxury homes in Mississauga valued at $1Million Dollars and up. We are known for pampering our clients with VIP Services.

LuxuryHomesMississauga.ca is always ranked in the top 3 search results for the term "luxury homes Mississauga" The most searched key phrase on search engines when home buyers/sellers are looking for premium real estate in Mississauga.




ShiftRealty.ca is currently being used to direct Sterling Wong's real estate clients. This site is used to expose listings and has certain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. Eventualy this site will be directed into an independant real estate brokerage.

ShiftRealty.ca's meaning of "shift" is defined as: to exchange for or replace by another: To change the place position or direction of real estate.

Keep a look out on how ShiftRealty.ca is planning to "change the position or direction of real estate" in the near future!





RealEstateForSaleMississauga.ca and HomeForSaleMississauga.ca were acquired for multiple purposes:

1. All of our sites are directed to these two sites for their large property searches finding homes for sale. RealWebLeads and MoneyMaker are the two industry leaders in IDX technology. What this is, is an information/listing feed from MLS.ca All listings are updated in real-time, as price changes are done on MLS.ca they are instantly updated on these sites. Beware of sites who do not use IDX Technology as listings are often expired or outdated. The combination of these two sites cover all listings on TREB and MLS.ca

2. Immense exposure for home sellers who list with any of our companies. Because RealWebLeads and MoneyMaker are industry leaders they combine to have over 10,000 Realtors with these sites. This means that if you list with any of our companies, your homes for sale will be listed on all of these 10,000 Realtors websites as well!

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. These two sites have specific roles in getting noticed on search engines.

  Sterling Wong Business Consultants Inc. have more than 8 additional real estate related sites and growing all to serve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. These sites remain confidential and are used to promote our clients listings. These sites also have business development roles that fit our business model for market domination.



Mortgage Financing Related




TeleRefinance.ca or TeleRefi.ca is a mortgage financing company focused primarily on home refinance and switches. To be more specific refinancing over the phone and in the comfort of your own home. Mortgage applications are done over the phone or online and relevant documents are exchanged via email or facsimile. Being run by mortgage brokers, this gives home re-financers the ability to get the best mortgage interest rates with out the hassles of keeping up with market rates. We work for you, not the lenders and the best part about it is that it is 100% free to all home refinancers!




MortgageDiaries is a blog that logs the diary of a mortgage broker. This site provides valueble mortgage related information for the general public.

MortgageDiaries.ca is optimized to rank for niche keywords on search engines for business development purposes. Mortgage Brokers are welcome to insert their blog entries via email to help them get noticed on this site.




AFreeCreditReport.ca coming soon.

AFreeCreditReport.ca is a website that allows the public to order a free Equifax credit report by filling out the necessary fields required to successfully pull a credit check to find out your credit score.

The scope of this business is to pre-qualify users for mortgage products, personal loans, line of credits and auto loans.



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